Articles by Michael Newbery

The late Michael Newbury wrote many articles on the history of the village. They were published in the parish magazine at the end of the 20th century. The initial articles are on the history of the village and the later ones are from the PPC minutes and parish magazines from 1920s to 1970. The photos are  mainly from the Helen Hofton Collection

Pre History


Anglo Saxons



Motte and Bailey

13th and 14 Centuries

Tudor Pirton


17th century

17th Century continued

Hammond Family

18th Century


19th Century

Times remembered twentieth century

Vera Davis of Pirton Grange talking about Shillington and Pirton

Kate Anderson  a remarkable lady

The man who came to stay

The French Connection

The Flemish Connection

The War Memorial

The Parish Church

The Parochial Church Council





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