John Underwood

AN INVENTORY of John Underwood   14th February 1661

A true and perfict Inventory of all the Goods and Chattells of John Underwood of Pirton in the County of Hertford weaver apprized and valued by William Sam John Hammond & Michael Turner the 14th day of February Anno Do[mi]ni 1661

In Premis in the hall one table and frame three firmes and three

little tables two joine stooles and four chaires and foure cushions

one Bible and some fewe other little books one muskette and a

Birding piece two potthungers and a paid of andirons and some

other implements                                                                             £ 3          7s          4d


In the chamber below

Item one joine bedde with a feather bed on it and a bolster

and two pillows and a mattress one coverlidde and blankette

with the curtaines and  vallant about the bedde                            £7          3s          4d

In the same chamber

Item one presse cubborde and a chest and a cofer and two

boxes three chaires and a warming panne                                      £2          12s        6d

In the loft over the Chamber

Item one boarded Bedde with a coverlidde and one blanket

and a bolester a pillow a fflocke Bedde a cofer and a box and

some other implements                                                                    £2          0          0

In the loft over the hall

Item one little Bedde with two olde Blankettes on it and a

parcel of raw cloth and a parcel of woole three wheeles and a

little hanging shelff with some other implements and lumber      £1          10s        0

In the Buttery

Item three fflitches of bacon  four barrells three tubbes

one kymnell three boles and a churne and two pailes                  £ 3          0          0


Item in the same buttery four kittles one porridge pott and

three skilletts and two spittes and a ffryingpan and some

other implements                                                                              £2          8s          0


Item pewter belonging to the house ten pewter dishes

four porringers two cuppes and one candlesticke and one

dozen spoones                                                                                   £2          13s        4d


Item lynnen about the house eight paire of sheetes  two

tableclothes & one dozen of napkins and some other

small lynnen                                                                                       £3          6s

In the working shoppe         

Item two roomes and a warping fatte a barres and slaies and

other tooles belonging to the trade and also some other

tooles in the same shoppe with some other lumber and

implements                                                                                        £6          10s        0


In the Barne

Item a parcell of wheat unthreshed and a little parcel of barley

in the chaffe and a little parcel of oates                                          £3          10s        0

In the fields

Item one half acre of wheate three halfe acres of edge graine

and three roodes of tilthe unsowen                                                £4          0          0

In the yard

Item two cowes and a yearling bullock                                            £6          0          0

Item a parcel of hay and ten sheepe                                                £3          3 s         4d

Item in the yard a small parcell of firewood                                                5 s         0

Item pullen in the yard                                                                                  4 s         0


Item all his wearing apparrell                                                            £5          0          0

Item money in the house                                                                              8s          6d

Sume totalis

£56      1s          4d

William Sam

John Hammond

mark of Joseph Auncell

Michael Turner

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