Mildred Walker

Miss Mildred Walker born 1908        11 The Bury         Father James Walker


One of 9 children (6 girls, 3 boys).  She was the middle one.  Went to school at 3 in 1911.

Mentioned Charles Jackson, Edith Prutton as asst teachers and Grace Hoy and Alice Weeden as pupil teachers, also Ethel Trussell.  Alice Shepherd for sewing (helpful)

Did not like Mrs Donson – she was ‘masterful’ and not kind

Gallery in little room as well ?

Mr D was very keen to get everyone to join the Pirton Benefit Society, you paid 1/- and if the doctor passed you, you were in.

Donsons were Methodists and had favourites.

Miss Gertrude Donson was nice

We had sewing (chemises – calico), Knitting (in red cotton), reading, writing and arithmetic, singing, drill (once a week), bible story, that was all.  Cookery at the cottage (asst teachers lived there)

Very cold at school, lot of sickness, children staying away (to help mother with babies etc.) (boys taking dinners a t hay time and they didn’t come back)  When balloons came down, the children ran away to see them – Miss D chasing them up the Hitchin Road – all caned next day.

Remembered a boy who threw a bible at Mr D and it broke a window!

They all had an orange and a bag of sweets at Christmas

Children had to sit up straight (no backs to benches!)

Girl with nits wearing a close fitting hat!  ‘leave it alone’ ‘I’m just putting it straight’

Younger sister of above (Trish) went in 1915 at 3, but could not stay as starting age had changed to 5.

Said that school changed for better when in 1924 Mr Housden took over.  He was v. good teacher, strong disciplinarian, more varied curriculum – netball/football/gardening/history/geography.

Everyone was frightened of teacher – no one misbehaved, even out of school.

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