Minnie Odell

Interviewed 28/9/84

Miss Minnie Odell, aged 84 – 9 The Bury (born there, lived there ever since except for several months after the bomb).

(Father :

Mother:           Elizabeth Odell)

Did not like Mrs Donson at all – she wasn’t kind, and had favourites.  Didn’t hesitate to clout the children.

Babies – rhymes, stories, ABC, counting.  Every afternoon head on desk to go to sleep.

Slates – reading/writing/arithmetic – exams every year.  Bible story, prayer, hymn every morning.

Got on better with Mr Donson, but he was tough with the boys.  All his daughters went to Grammar School.

Sewing and knitting.  (Knitting without wool – needle in, wool round etc. – until you knew how to do it).  Socks, scarves.  Pinafores, chemises

In his class there was painting.  There was a well at the back for water.

Everyone dreaded the HMI in case they couldn’t answer.  There was a girl who could answer every question – the HMI went to see her mother and arranged for her to go to  a College at Sawbridgeworth.

Policeman’s daughters (Stewarts) got on well with Mr D.

The people at Pirton Hall gave a lovely tea at the school.  “I can see the iced buns now” and afterwards a magic lantern entertainment.

Chapel treat was held in Mr Davis’ meadow and the Church one in Franklin’s meadow.

School was very crowded – you had to sit still

“I hated school” but “it was happiest time because you had no worries you see.”

Went to Glove Factory, then to Docwra Manor for 16 years and then to Highdown for 17 years (looked after youngest boy from 3)




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