Ted and Ivy Males

INTERVIEWED : 7 December 1984


Ted Males       born 1908

Mother’s name :          Catherine Emma (Titmuss)

Father’s name :            William Males (Railway Plate Layer, Finsbury Park)

His grandparents :       maternal :    George Titmus Mary Titmus

Paternal :         Ernest Males Mary Males

Ivy Males (nee Odell) b. 1909 in Shillington

Father :                        Robert Odell – Carpenter / handyman

Mother :                      Mary Odell

Ted went to school at 5, Ivy came to Pirton when about 6 or 7.

Went into Mrs Donson’s class – she was very strict.

Had Miss Cotton (from Shillington) for sewing.  Remembers making a pinafore, and stroking all the gathers with a pin – took ages and often had to be done again!Ted remembers gardening at about 12 – the garden was up behind the school where the garages now are (beyond present field)Girls did cooking – Ted says they made lentil soup,

At this time lived opposite the pond (Palmers Cottages)

Ivy lived in cottage 45 High Street

Nurse came in to inspect heads, doctor visited and S.A.O

Boys did drawing – object drawing.

Curriculum very limited.

Mr Donson didn’t do a lot at this stage – he was getting old; but he loved singing and particularly “The Lincolnshire Poacher”!

There were soldiers in the village all through First World War.  They were under canvas in 3 Closes Field.  Artillery (with cavalry, also mules).

Both left school a year or two before the Donsons left .  Ted went first to work on a farm, Ivy went to the Glove Factory, and then to do domestic work in Hitchin.  (Ted was later a baker for 40 years)

Shops : Andrews (at Sh. Rd end of the High Street.  General groceries, sweets.  He was a churchwarden and lived in Orchard Cottage)Westwood (?Westward), later Miss Burling sold paraffin, sweets, lace, socks, thread etc. at Cromwell Terrace/Little Lane.  Used to buy ¼d worth of sweets.Next to Blacksmiths Arms (opp pond), there was a shop selling nails, tyres, hardward etc. and also a barbers.

Church  Miss Pollard ran the Girls Friendly Society at the Sunday School (where “Rafters” now stands) Great Green.  There they sewed, knitted etc. and went once a year to tea at Highdown (that seed cake!) Lady Nicoll used to send shortbread from Scotland – Rev. Langmore was Vicar – the Misses Pollard came to the Church then.  Children had to curtsy to them.  Misses P. wore high necks and button boots.Miss Brittain (Langmore’s sister) had a 3-wheeled bike with a basket in which sat Gip, her dog.  She took the Sunday School.  They marched 2 by 2 from S.S to Church and then she said  “Remember where you are”  If you talked in Church, she poked you in the back and stood you out in the aisle.  They went twice a day to Church had to know collects in morning and catechism in afternoon.Rev Winkworth did a lot for the Church.  He had been a schoolmaster and played the organ v. well too.  He bought Pirton Court (then the Vicarage) and put it to rights and then it was sold and he lived in the old Hall.  There was also a Church Army sister – Sister Whiteside – whom everyone loved.  There used to be Church Army Missions, with tent pitched on site of present (new) vicarage.  Rev W was there till 35/36.

Kathleen Watts and Ivy Males are cousins

Her mum                 Her dad   brother and sister

Grace Maidment (next to Gentle’s) is Ted’s sister.  Grace Males



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