Ken Burton talking about his early life in Pirton

Ken’s grandfather, Charles Burton kept the Shoulder of Mutton Pub in Hambridge Way

Arthur Burton, Ken’s father was born at Middle Farm Crabtree Lane. He was a gamekeeper for the Priory estates

Arthur married Ivy Kingsley
L-R Arthur Burton,Bob Kingsley, Alf Pearce
Ivy Kingsley and twins Nina and Clare Handscome

Ruth Handscombe outside Woodbine Cottage in the High St.

Ruth went out to Chicago with her brother Fred.

There she  married Alf Pearce in 1911.

Alf and Ruth moved back to Woodbine, the Handscombe family home and Alf modernised it.


Ken was born to Arthur and Ivy Burton but Ivy died in childbirth. So Ruth and Alf brought Ken up at Woodbine



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