Pete Lake talking about his childhood

Pete lived at Highdown Cottages with dad Stan and mum Alice nee Cooper

Pete on his tricycle at Highdown Cottages

Highdown House was built on high ground by Thomas Docwra in 1612. Its adjacent farmyard, seen here, replaced the one attached to Middle Farm in Docklands, when it was burnt down in the 1860s. Highdown ,Walnut Tree and Middle Farm were owned by Radcliffe lord of manor who owned 50% of land in the parish. After his death it passed to the Priory Estates in Hitchin. The Estate in Pirton was sold in lots in 1975, land went to Parish Brothers of Higham Gobion and houses sold separately.

Highdown was owned by the Radcliffes who lived at the Priory Hitchin. It was let to tenants

The cottages on the estate were let to farm workers. The main farm was Walnut Tree Farm farmed by Laurie Franklin. This is an early photo.

The barns attached to the cottages up Highdown drive

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