Shirley Houghton talking about living at the 12 Apostles

Shirley talking about living in the 12 Apostles in the 1940s

Shirley talking about her childhood in Holwell Road


the 12 Apostles cottages were built around 1850. They are also called Merry Arse Row. Jane Males owned 4 cottages which she rented to the rest of the family.

This is an earlier milk delivery by Tom Lake. Phyllis Weedon delivered milk to the village from Rectory Farm. You brought out a jug and it was filled from the churn on the cart.

Walkers Bakery Holwell Rd. Bob Walker was known as the midnight baker as his son Bertie Bob was alway so so late delivering bread to Hitchin on his bike. 14 old bikes were found in the garden when it was renovated.

This was the site of the allotments behind Royal Oak Lane. Walkers bakery in the background.

Aunt Jane Males ran the glove factory on Hitchin road.

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