Zoe Burton talking about fieldwork

1930s  Burge End Farm (known as Birds Eye Farm on an 1801 plan) is situated at the far end of Burge End Lane and is now a private house. Frank Burton bought the farm in 1901 and he was followed there by his son George, who was also licensee of the Live. The farm was sold in 1990 as a private house. Originally it had a moat with three fish ponds, which would have been a valuable source of food.

1960s Peas were grown in great quantity and provided seasonal work, known as “peasing,” from July to September for gypsy labourers as well as the local women. There would be as many as 100 pickers in a field; each would pick on average ten bags per day, each weighing 28 pounds. During the 1950s, peas from Prior’s Hill Field and Shillington Road were sold to Phillips to be taken to market in London. L-R: ?, Ivy Taylor, Kathy Watts.

1960’s The ford truck that George Burton used for taking the pea pickers to his fields

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