Allice Humphrey

 tudor cook


23rd October 1610

A true and perfect inventory of the goodes & chatells of Allice Humphrey late of Pyrton in the county of Hertford widdowe seene valued & praised by us whose names are hereto underwritten

In the hall

Imprimis one cubbard one table one frame 4 stowles one pottshelfe & sertaine panted clothes praised att xxs

Item in the said hall one little brasse pott one kettell iii peeces of puter one brasse candelsticke one frying pan one pare of pot hangers one pare of jackes & other small implements there viiis

In the parlour

Item one borded bedstead one ould trucklebed one ould cheste one materis and boulster one pillowe one coveringe praised at viis viiid

The napery in the said parlour

Item iii pare of hempe  sheetes one pillowbere two short tablecloths & sertaine panted clothes praised at xs vid

In the Kychinge

Item one saltinge troughe one kimnell two small drinke barells one linen wheele & one woollen wheele praised attt    vis iiiid

In the barne

Item halfe an acre of wheate halfe an acre of barley halfe an acre of pease & halfe an acre of lintel praised att     xlvis viiid

In the yeard

cattell   none  pullin  none  woode for the fire & one ould ladder  is

Ready money none

Hir apparel for hir backexvis

John Smyth

Thomas Arnold

Christopher Ockeley

Probate 1st   November  1610

Allice Humphey's inventory

Allice Humphey’s inventory

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