Thomas Ansell

Thomas Ansell 1625                                               Lincoln INV129/370

The inventory of the goods and chattells of Thomas Ansell late of Pirton in the countye of Hertford yeoman deceased made proved and prised by Michael Samm and John Sexe

Imprimis         In the hall one table and frame and one round table Sixe stooles two chares one cushion and pare of andirons and a pott hooke and a pare of tonges  20sh

Item                 In the chamber one standing bed two cupboards and two coffers and three stooles one feather bed three blankette one boulster three pillowes and the paynted clothes and a borded bedd and a couverlett one blanket a pillow and a yron rood and a curten 50sh

Item                 the pewter                                                                                         20sh

Item                 in the loft one bedstead and fower coffers one littell round table and tenn pare of sheete and six paire of pillowbeeres and one pillowbeere and seven table clothes and tenn napkyns and other implements

Item                 In the kitchin all the brasse                                                             £3 2s

Item                 In the boulting house fower tubes two salting troffes one boultinjg hutch one malte quarne with other implements there                                                         30sh

Item                 In the milke house three barrels three boules one chese pres with other implemtentes there                                                                                                    6s 8d

Item                 the gyn and plow tymber and wood                                              13s 4d

Item                 In the shop fower saives and nyne wymbles one iron crow fower wedges and one axe and a sledge hammer and all other ymplements there                       13s 4d

Item                 the carte and wheeles

Item                 the planckes in the barne and the screen and bushel              10sh

Item                 Three bushels of barley                                                                  7s 6d

Item                 Two cowes                                                                                        £4

Item                 Three acres and three roodes of wheat                                       £7

Item                 his apparel                                                                                        10s 6d


Proved at Hitchin  19 May 1625


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