House Photographs - 2-12 Shillington Road

Built 1870   Many houses in Pirton are built of Arlesey white bricks with a red brick band, making a distinctive pattern. Most of the Arlesey brick houses were built in the 30 years around the turn of the century. William Hanscombe of Pirton Hall built this row of six houses for his agricultural workers

Ann Hare, nee Dawson, and her grandson Fred Pearce in the same row of houses, 4 Hanscombe’s Cottages. The weekly rent of 2s 6d was paid as a lump sum annually at Michelmas (29th September), which was the beginning of the old farming year. After William Hanscombe died, tenants were given the first refusal of buying their properties.

Standing at the gate of 12 Shillington Road are Charles and Susan Lake. This house has always been tenanted by members of the Lake family. After Charles, came his son Harry and wife Alice, and today grandson Doug lives there.



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