House Pictures - 7-13 Bury End

The cottages showing 11 and 13 when it was thatched

1900s   A view of Bury End with Three Gables on the right.  The thatch on Three Gables was removed in the early 1920s.  The shallow pond in the foreground was used by the nearby blacksmiths as a source of water. The Parish Council Minutes record that the pond was cleared out in 1901, but it dried up early in the new century, possibly because of better drainage.

1930s   The same view taken perhaps about 1930. The Baptist Chapel is behind the thatched plait school on the left of the photograph, with Jack Lawrence’s cobblers shop just in front.  This part of the Green was used by the Bucket family, who lived next to the Chapel, to graze their horses.

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