Elevation - 7 Walnut Tree Road

The sketch shows the arrangement of timbers which can be seen internally or can be assumed to have been in place due to peg holes and a considered likely arrangement. There are no exposed timbers left in the cross wing ground floor which is common in many of Pirton’s buildings. The lower timbers are far more susceptible to decay and later alterations. Some buildings originally had jetties at first floor level which have later been infilled but no evidence was found for one internally in this house.

The left hand side is drawn suggestive of a single timber mullioned window which would probably have been unglazed. In an open hall, windows tended to be set at a high level o minimize draughts, and in lower status buildings were of a small size to minimize draughts and retain the heat generated from the smoky central fire.

The later wing on the right hand side has much lighter framing and the outside was probably always covered with a pebbledash render of lime.

View From the Road


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