House photographs - Terry Villa Royal Oak Lane

Built 1910 This house, known as Terry Villa, in Royal Oak Lane was built with money sent from Terry, Montana, in the USA, by members of the Burton family who had emigrated during an agricultural depression. The photograph shows a Burton family gathering. Before the First World War a significant number of young men and women left Pirton and the surrounding villages for the New World.

1900s   A pony and trap enabled people to travel further afield, perhaps to visit relatives or to take produce to market in Hitchin. There are no rubber tyres on the wheels of the trap shown; it has large lamps for use whilst driving at night. Alfred and Selina Burton[as mentioned in the above obituary] appear to be dressed for visiting. On the left is their son Frank who in later years drove the Pirton Belle.

he Walker family outside the bakery at 13/15 Great Green. Like many village families, there was a tradition of following the same occupation. The Walkers were bakers, father Albert was followed at Great Green by son Jo, while son Bob started a new bakery at Holwell Road. Cousin Frank and sons Ted and Reg baked at Terry Villa in Royal Oak Lane. Back row L-R: Bob, Len, Mag, William, Jo, Philip. Front row Peggy [Bob’s wife] Albert, Polly [Albert’s wife], unknown person, and Bertie Bob seated


This photo was found under the floorboards of Terry Villa

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