House Photographs - Walnut Tree Farm Walnut Tree Road

Walnut Tree farm is situated in Walnut Tree Road, at the entrance to the village. This more recent name alludes to a garden of walnut trees that grew adjacent to the Hitchin Road.  It is a large farmhouse, built in the seventeenth century and having undergone much reconstruction in the eighteenth century. Walnut Tree farm has been farmed by tenant farmers but owned by the Radcliffes of Hitchin Priory , one of whom,Thomas Kingsley, was a Wesleyan Methodist and held meetings in the front room.Its recent history is typical of many of Pirton’s farms. The land has been sold and the barns and out-buildings converted into luxury private houses

Front of farmhouse

Rear of farmhouse

The garden was opened for Pirton Open Gardens

The kitchin

The drawing room with painted panelling at the time the Franklins were tenants.

Kree and Susie Pritchard Barrett bought the farmhouse from Priory Estates. Later the barns were converted into houses.

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