Photographs of Houses - West Lane Cottages



1925 The downtown shop on the corner of High Street and West Lane. At that time it was run by Sammy Rushton, a large man who wore a white apron and sported a big walrus moustache. He is described in Kelly’s Trade Directory as a tea dealer who sold Mazawatti tea as well as other brands. The photo shows the cart entrance being converted into an additional shop window.

1950  Another view of the downtown shop, at that time run by Evelyn Tomlin. It was now a member of the SPAR co-operative, an arrangement under which small shops worked together to increase their buying power and to offer “own brand” products.


1970s  The same shop 50 years later. It continued as a general store and off licence until it closed in 1979 after being run by Ted and Betty Turner.



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