April Update

This deed is unusual as it shows a plan of the property

This deed is unusual as it shows a plan of the property

So far we have looked at 15 properties in the village. Georgie Brakenbury is drawing how she thinks the houses developed and some architectural details.

James Brakenbury has prepared a map of the location houses.

I am making a table of previous owners and tenants where possible….this means spending hours in the archives in Hertford searching through manor court rolls. None of the houses ever had addresses which makes life difficult.

We are also scanning old photos of the properties and the people who lived in them.

Fran Manning is scanning in photos of the furniture that we know was in some houses in the 1600s.

We are also hoping to include archaeological information found on the sites.

At the moment we are just collecting data and talking to our web designer.

Before we put any info on the web we will show you our report for you to ok it.

Part of the project will be the knit the village exhibition at the chapel on Fri/Sat/Sun 28/29/30 June when the knitted houses and some of our findings will displayed.

We hope to have a launch of the website and celebration in early November to which you are all invited. This first part of the project has to finish in November to satisfy the terms of the grant but we hope to carry on next year. The grant is purely for paying a professional to set up the website and teaching us how to use it. Then its up to us!

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