House Photos - The Motte and Bailey

The Old White Horse showing the row of cottages which were attached to the pub

The White Horse with the carrier’s cart in front and the cottages which were attached to the pub

The old pub was replaced with a new building

The White Horse on Great Green , whose name was changed to the Motte and Bailey in 1978. This was the inn or tavern licensed to sell both beer and spirits. It provided board and lodging and was a starting point for the carriers who took goods and people to Hitchin and Luton. This emphasised the difference between the inn and a cottage selling beer; in the trade directories, the landlord was classified as a taverner rather than beer retailer.



The old White Horse was pulled in 1901 and the new pub built further back on the site. The adjoining cottages were demolished 12 years later and a garage was erected on the land. Percy Wright, the licensee, ran the bus and taxi service from the new pub. In the Second World War the garage housed the fire engine for the use of the auxiliary firemen and was also used for rifle shooting competitions.


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